Welcome to that part of your brain
Where Mad Cow triumphantly reigns
Cortex is all barn yard brew
Courtesy of a drunken crew
Politics all bubble and pain

“Mad Cow Culture” is a metaphor reflecting a period about twenty years ago when Mad Cow disease was an international scare. The root problem occurred when “downer” cows were recycled and fed to the rest of the herd. The result was a global spread of a fatal brain disease. Millions of cows where slaughtered.

Current politics, in the U.S. and around the world, is producing a kind of cultural and tribal madness that is affecting the mind and the soul. Mad Cow Culture has come to dine where grain is brain and vinegar wine. We have all become cannibals, chewing on our collective flesh. The whole place is going nuts, and with your help, we will shine a lens on this madness.

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